My Work

Review Mobile

  • Date 2014
  • Type Web Application
  • Status Live
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Design
  • Photoshop

Access to your results, in your hand. Review Mobile provides a user experience, tailored to mobile devices, which allows access to results held in a standard Review system.


Review Mobile was designed in Photoshop with two initial designs being created (focussing on key areas of the application). Once a design was chosen, all application screens and interactions were designed fully, working closely with stakeholders. Careful consideration was giving to usability, ensuring that contrast was high, clinical data was never hidden and journeys were streamlined - given that users of the application will be repeating tasks continually.

Front-End Development

I worked hand in hand with programmers to create the front-end of Review Mobile. The application works as a 'one page' site and everything is driven through Ajax.

HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are used throughout. Custom touch events were also created to make the application feel less like a website and more responsive.